Fabrication Services

    The PCB Design is completed, approved and ready for board fabrication. Now What!!

    You can take our manufacturing-ready data package to a board shop of your choice. Or save yourself the hassle and let us take care of having the boards fabricated for you. Through our Value-Added services, we can provide you with prototype boards in as little as 3 working days; dependent on board complexity.

    We are talking quality boards that are electrically tested from an IPC-D-356 design net list. No comparison testing here where a common problem on all boards doesn't show up until after the boards are assembled, powered up, and explode in a puff of smoke.

    We're not going to bore you with fabrication capabilities and technical mumbo-jumbo. The bottom line is if we designed it, we can have it fabricated and meet whatever requirements you have. After all, we did decide all this during the PCB Design cycle.

    Product Quality and Delivery is important to you. Our reputation is important to us. Excellent quality work and On-Time delivery means repeat business and recommendations to your colleagues. Rest assured you will receive the best quality product On-Time.